Inspired by the codes of design and architecture, the intuitive leather goods proposed by Le Feuillet are distinguished by their interaction between Man and object. Subtle mix of artisanal French savoir-faire and the strong vision of the product, its high quality is also the promise of urban timeless aesthetics.


In 2014, Ylan and Davy, two brothers, decide to put all of their energy and enthusiasm to create an avant-garde brand witnessing their unique vision of leather goods.


product emblem

Therefore, Ylan creates with his own hands in his workshop the first “pochette à main”, a luxury laptop case, expressing his personal vision of the laptop sleeve: a minimalist, elegant and numbered sleeve, made to carry essentials with ease, with an irreproachable quality. It will become the brand’s emblem. 



Today the collection LE FEUILLET is conceived around the interaction between man and objects offering a range of essential products to the modern man.



Each piece’s design in the collection is determined by its use to combine minimalism, elegance and timelessness.

For Ylan and Davy, the beauty of a design results from the purity of its function.

The brand draws its inspiration from the aesthetics of urban architecture among which we evolve, extending the interaction between men, object and their environment. 

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French-made luxury

For confection, Ylan and Davy decided to fabricate the entire range in Montbéliard, France, a heart of artisanal  « savoir-faire » of luxury leather goods.


High quality leather

They collaborate with selected French tanneries to choose the finest leathers offering both luxurious touch and visual elegance.

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Laser numbering

Finally, each piece is laser numbered on its back to underline and write in its flesh the attention to detail. It is also to translate Ylan and Davy’s will to not parasitize the purity of each object by affixing a logo. 

From the moment each piece is held, the feeling of a distinctive and outstanding product is obvious. 

Produced & directed by Studio.Lamadone


24 Rue de Sèvres, 75007 Paris
lundi au samedi, de 10h à 20h.
Jusqu'à 20h45 les jeudi et vendredi.

Le Feuillet proposes to personalize the products of its collection on live using its innovative "savoir-faire" in laser engraving at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche.

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Labellisé Au-Delà du cuir

Prix du Jury Talent De Mode 2016

Lauréat OPENMYMED 2017