September is already well underway. Your satchel has been back because you have already started work again.

Are you ready for new projects?


Does your satchel look at you tired? After so many years wearing everything and following you everywhere.

Wouldn’t you like to come to the office with only the essentials? Your computer, some documents, a pen.


You have plenty of pockets and you would like to organize what accompanies you on a daily basis?

During business trips, would you like to carry your toiletries in a minimum of space, easy to access?

When you are on an appointment and taking notes, have you ever thought that your notebook was not elegant enough?


At Le Feuillet, we believe that objects around us define who we are.


We have worked during these last 6 months to answer your problems with the aim of:

- Reinventing the essential pieces of the leather goods for man,

- While defending our vision of the interaction between the Man and the object,

- Identifying the essential function, the only justification for the existence of the product,

- and offering you a right price where quality and finishes are the key words.


Now we imagine you behind your computer / tablet / phone, impatient to discover these new pieces and their stories ...


You will not discover our new collection on the Internet, but with us by our side. The most important thing is to meet you, to make you touch our products, and to share with you this adventure, our passion.

Indeed, these new pieces presented are in very limited quantities and will be available from our selected retailers only from February 2019.


So, for a privileged few, Parisians or Lyonnais, we propose you right now:

- To come and discover the new pieces on Saturday 22/09 exclusively, at Le Bon Marché in Paris: Ylan, the designer, will be there all day to share his knowledge of the product and his enthusiasm. He will also be available to discuss about your product care.

- To make an appointment at the shop Le Feuillet in Lyon, to spend a privileged moment with the team and our products.


See you soon,

Davy & Ylan DAHAN,

Brothers & Founders